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As a general rule, our games are accessible to anyone of any age who can read independently - typically a Grade 4 reading level. 

MtG refers to Magic: the Gathering, the popular (and original) collectible card game. If you wish to learn how to play, drop in after school or work. We will teach you how to play, and provide you with a free deck.

MtG has several formats: The Beginners' Tournament is for people who have just learned to play: it costs $1, and participants will receive a premium card worth $1. Experienced players are welcome to drop in, but use a beginner deck.  . Standard and Modern are formats that limit the cards one can choose from to build decks.  Standard costs $5 to enter, which goes into a "prize pool" of merchandise. Modern costs $10, which drives a similar prize pool. Commander is a multiplayer format: it costs $5 to enter.  Draft involves creating a deck on the fly - it costs more than other activities, typically $20. The Magic Prerelease is a "Sealed" event, in which you get six randomized packs of the next set to come out, and build a deck that you play the tournament with.  It is somewhat expensive, and comes with lunch.

D&D is Dungeons and Dragons.  This is run on a drop-in basis: we use a format which lays out an agreed-on way to make characters and keep track of experience and other rewards.

Chess is free.  We do ask that you buy a cup of coffee or a soda.  If you require an instructor or coach, one is available for $10 per session. 

Warhammer is a miniatures game.  It is free to take part - but supplies can be expensive. We do ask that you buy a cup of coffee or a soda.

Boardgames use our game library - or you can use your own!  We do ask that you buy a cup of coffee or soda.

Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! are collectible card games.  They are typically free, although participants in Yu-Gi-Oh often have a tournament.  Expect to spend $5 or $6.