As a general rule, our games are accessible to anyone of any age who can read independently - typically a Grade 4 reading level. Please visit our Facebook site for details of events.

MtG refers to Magic: the Gathering, the popular (and original) collectible card game. If you wish to learn how to play, drop in after school or work. We will teach you how to play, and provide you with a free deck.​

DnD is Dungeons and Dragons.  This is run on a drop-in basis: we use a format which lays out an agreed-on way to make characters and keep track of experience and other rewards. 

Warhammer is a tabletop miniatures game.  Comes in two flavours - science fiction (40k, as in the year 40,000 AD) and the fantasy side, Age of Sigmar. We have space anytime for drop-in.  We also host Escalation Leagues and occasional tournaments.

Boardgames use our game library - or you can use your own!  We do ask that you buy a cup of coffee or soda.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a collectible card game, similar to Magic.  

Pokemon club play alternates casual and deck building with tournaments.  Adults and kids are welcome! 

Would you like to run an event?  Reach out to Nathalie at 403-983-1115!


12 PM MtG  Commander


12-4 PM Drop-In DnD

7 PM Open Games

4 PM Casual MtG

7 PM Yu-Gi-Oh!


4 PM Casual MtG

7 PM Mtg Commander


4 PM Casual Games

7 PM Pokemon Club

2nd Avenue, Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1K1, Canada

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4 PM Casual Games

7 PM Drop-In DnD