1,000 pts Rogue Trader Tournament

Warzone: Nephilim RTT – 1000pts

Players Pack

When: December 17th, 2022
Where: Hobs Hobbies, 1116 2nd Avenue, Strathmore, Alberta, T1P-1A3
Players: Max 16
Points: 1000
Rounds: 3

BCP Link: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/event/x4mv5xte

Cost: $25 per person

Tournament Format

All games will be played at the INCURSION level using all rules from the Warzone Nephilim Grand Tournament 2022 book.

  • Lists should be submitted in Best Coast Pairings no later than 2359 hrs on Thursday December 15th, 2022. (Please use the link in the previous sentence).
  • Physical lists brought to the event should be written as clearly as possible for your opponent.
  • A painted army is not required and all players will receive their 10 “battle ready” victory points whether or not the army is painted, however there will be prizing for the “Best Painted Army” award.
  • Legends units are not permitted.
  • Armies are 1,000 points maximum, no more than three detachments allowed. Must be battle-forged.
  • Terrain will be player placed.


  • 1000 – Doors open
  • 1050 – Players Meeting
  • 1100 – 1300 – Round 1 (Desperate Raid)
  • 1300 – 1330 – Lunch
  • 1330 – 1530 – Round 2 (Display of Spiritual Might)
  • 1530 – 1545 – Coffee Break
  • 1545 – 1745 – Round 3 (Reconnaissance Mission)
  • 1800 – Prizing and Wrap-Up

What you need to bring

  • Your 1000pt army
  • The rules (paper or electronic) for anything you are using. Official rules sources only. These should be available for your opponent to check if necessary.
  • A copy of your army list
  • Dice, Measuring tapes, markers, and any other game aids
  • A chess clock if you intend to use one. These will not be provided.
  • 40mm objective markers will be provided, but players are permitted to bring their own objective markers (such as markers that include the 3” area around the objective itself.)

Missions and Secondaries

Missions and Secondaries will be drawn from the Nephilim Grand Tournament rules. A copy will be available at the site. The missions for each round will be as follows:

  • Round 1: Desperate Raid
  • Round 2: Display of Spiritual Might
  • Round 3: Reconnaissance Mission


  • The terrain for this event will be player placed and subject to the following rules (Adapted from LVO 2022 Player Pack.)
  • Terrain will be pre-determined for each table, do not swap pieces of terrain between tables.

The following start of game procedure will be followed (note this is a deviation from standard order of operations):

  • Players will place objectives
  • Players will roll off to decide Defender and Attacker
  • Players will choose secondaries
  • Players will then place terrain alternating between Defender and Attacker:
  • Terrain is placed by each player in their own half of the board (territory)
  • Defender places first
  • Terrain must be placed according to the following:
  • Terrain must be placed at least 4 inches away from other terrain pieces and from the edge of the board.
  • If one or more players has a Fortification, place them during terrain setup treated as an additional terrain feature for the owning player (meaning they may only be set up in their half of the table) following normal rules for Fortification placement per the rule book.
  • Storage containers must be placed such that all containers are touching with no gaps present between them, with the longest side of each container facing the table.
  • For the purposes of the “Exposed Position” rule all containers will be considered separate objects for determining what is on top’
  • Terrain placement comes out of the total three (3) hours allowed per round
  • Terrain will fall under the following categories:
    • Ruins: (Area Terrain) - Scaleable, Breachable, Light Cover, Defensible, Obscuring. First floor ruins will be ruled as line-of-sight blocking even if the terrain feature has windows. 
    • Forests / Craters: (Area Terrain) - Light Cover, Difficult Ground, Dense.
    • Armored Containers: Scaleable, Light Cover, Exposed Position.
  • If a player is unable to place all of their terrain pieces, or if there are concerns about the ability for a player to move a model with a base larger than 4 inches, a judge will need to be notified and a final ruling will be made.

FAQ’s and Errata

  • The tournament will use all Games Workshop FAQ’s and errata published up to July 16, 2022 (one week in advance). Anything published after this date will be up to TO’s discretion and be explained during the Players Meeting before the tournament.
  • The most recent books are required

Rules Queries

If you have any queries relating to the event rulings, please submit them to WH40KTourney@hobshobbies.com and specify RULES QUERY in the subject line.

Model Policies

  • Models should be WYSIWYG to a reasonable standard. To have a model count as WYSIWYG, the model’s main and secondary weapons should be modeled as the appropriate weapons chosen from the dataslate. If the dataslate comes with an option that all models must use, there is no need to model it.
  • 3rd party bits are acceptable, so long as every instance of that bit is consistent across the army and counts-as the same weapon.
  • If a model in a unit has an option or statline that is separate from the other models, it must be clearly identifiable to your opponent (Champion/Sargeant, special grenade options, etc).
  • Models can be clearly identified through differences in modeling (heads, etc), base markings, or other means (elastics, etc).
  • The core of every model must be from a GW-party model kit. As long as that requirement is met, conversions, proxies and third party bits are allowed, provided they are cleared by the organizers prior to the final list submission date.
  • Allowances will be made for circumstances, such as mistakes made by players new to modeling.

Code of Conduct

We will be following the 2021 ITC Code of Conduct for appropriate player behaviour and procedures for handling infractions and adjudicating player disputes that occur during the course of running an ITC tournament. If you have any questions, please email WH40KTourney@hobshobbies.com. 

Scoring and Prizing

Prizes will be awarded based on BCP scoring for the following Categories:

  • Best General (1st,  2nd, and 3rd place)
  • Best Painted Army
  • Additional categories may be added based on attendance.

The event will be scored using strength of schedule, and in the case of a draw total battle points will be used as the tiebreaker.

Painting will not be counted towards placing for Best General.

This structure and prize amounts are subject to change depending on attendance and will be reviewed during the Players Meeting.

This event is the first of a regular series, and will be repeated in September and November.