Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons in the store runs on modified Adventurer's League rules.  You get an Adventure Logsheet to keep track of experience and rewards your character obtains from adventure to adventure! D&D costs $3 per session ($5 gets you play, a drink, and a snack).

Warhammer 40k

- Escalation League

Registration is open for our Escalation League that begins August 8th. This 16 week-long play experience is perfect for both new and experienced players.  Entry costs $20 for the season, all of which will be used for prizes.  More information is available here.

Magic League

Most events at the store are part of our Magic League.  Everyone puts in a dollar per event, and the winner and second-place finisher get between one and three points.  The money contributed becomes a prize pool that will be split by the top four players - 35%/25%/20%/20%